Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Nam June Paik

For those of us interested in multimedia and video, some sad news: Nam June Paik has passed. He was 73 and considered a pioneer in video art. Here's an exerpt from the New York Times:

"Mr. Paik's career spanned half a century, three continents and several artmediums, ranging through music, theater and found-object art. He once builthis own robot. But his chief means of expression was television, which heapproached with a winning combination of visionary wildness, technologicalsavvy and high entertainment values. His work could be kitschy, visuallydazzling and profound, sometimes all at once, and was often irresistiblyfunny and high-spirited.At his best, Mr. Paik exaggerated and subverted accepted notions about boththe culture and the technology of television while immersing viewers in itsvisual beauty and exposing something deeply irrational at its center. Hepresciently coined the term "electronic superhighway" in 1974, grasping theessence of global communications and seeing the possibilities oftechnologies that were barely born. He usually did this while managing tobe both palatable and subversive. In recent years, Mr. Paik's enormousAmerican flags, made from dozens of sleek monitors whose synchronizedpatterns mixed everything from pinups to apple pie at high, almostsubliminal velocity, could be found in museums and corporate lobbies."

For more information on Paik's work, click here

Monday, January 30, 2006

American Museum of Moving Image: Reflection

What is the role of film in the ESL/NLA/ELL classroom?

Can students with language needs learn with the use of images? Can a showing of Chaplin's The Immigrant be included in the ELL classroom? How?

Can a showing of an episode of I Love Lucy be integrated in the social studies curriculum, as well as in the ESL/NLA classroom? How?

Saturday, January 21, 2006

day 2

Another day of a great learning experience. I was able to search on the internet very useful websites that will enhance my teaching. The project is starting to have some shape.

Thanks Roanmy Patricia

Day 2

The videos from were inspiring. I also enjoyed visiting and meeting Microsoft Publisher. Hmm, now for applying and sharing information gained today.

Reflection of the Day

Given the wonderful, constructive discussion of today, I would like you all to reflect on the following question:

"What does Project Based Learning look like in the ELL classroom?"

La discusion de hoy fue muy interesante y profunda. Quiero que vosotros reflecionen sobre la siguente pregunta:

"Como se podria pesentar Project Based Learning en el salon de clase bilingue?"

The video

There are great things happening in this classroom. I think technology has alot to do with it, collaborative work and experienced teachers.

Yesterday's workshop

Yesterday I learned a lot. I learned so many things about computers that I did not know.
Thank you very much

Roanmy Patricia

Friday, January 20, 2006


Thanks Romana.
Loved your friendly approach: no-one felt threatened about where they stood with "knowing" about technology.
Loved the way you walked us through blogging and power-point with PLENTY of time to try things.
I learned more about power-point than I ever have before!

This session helped me refresh my tech skills.


Creo que aprendi mucho en este dia, y que sera muy beneficiario para mi y mis estudiantes.Espero practicar para poder decir con orgullo que fue una experiencia deliciosa.

gracias Ramona.

Thanks Romana....

I learned so much today and the teachers in my table were so helpful thanks again

I learned to be a "BLOGGER"

Liked the Powerpoint aspect of it. Looking forward to the next workshops.

Bronx MS Initiative: Reflections

I found today to be a really great chance to explore programs that I wouldn't normally have the time or resources to look at. I especially liked the chance to work with power point and refresh myself on some of the features I had forgotten about. Now I just need to find ways to use these resources in the classroom!

Post Day 1

Today I visited "', and I also learned about blogging. Staying tuned for more discoveries!!

Bronx MS Initiative: Reflections

Bronx MS Initiative: Reflections
I learned about new web resources for vocabulary development for beginning ELLs including and These will be great for my technology center in my classroom. I also learned how to make non-linear power point presentations. My presentation on Celia Cruz is a masterpiece. Enjoy!

Learn alot!!!

Today, I learned to blog... it was great.... I also I had a chance to practice PowerPoint... there is the first time for everything!!!!

Hope to find the answer

I hope to find good resources fo my bilingual students

I`m the only one....

I`m the only Math teacher here ....I feel dooooommmmiiiiii .......


Espero que podamos compartir ideas, comentarios y preocupaciones.

A todos una gran bienvenida,


Thursday, January 19, 2006


Hello everyone, I want to welcome everyone to this weblog. We will all be able to share ideas and post reflections on the workshops here, as well as ask questions. I encourage all of you to post at least a short message, even just a brief hello.